Rift Safari travelling along the Rift Valley
AMREF flying doctors is owned by AMREF a humanitarian health organization that supports African communities to achieve lasting health change. AMREF flying doctors supports AMREF's work providing air ambulance service and 24 hours medical advises. Should a traveller get sick or an accident unfortunately occurs a fully equipped aircraft with doctor and nurse on board will reach and transfer him to a qualified hospital and contact his insurance company to speed up hospitalization and deal with all the paperwork.

This cover is always included in our trips however it only works in combination with a medical insurance since AMREF flying doctors will recover the flight cost from it. All details of your medex insurance must be forwarded to us upon travel confirmation [or in any case in due time before your departure] and we will take care to transmit the same to AMREF flying doctors.

Unutilized funds are used for charity evacuation flights and outreach programs.

Frequent question: we are already insured, why do we need to register with AMREF flying doctors and spend extra money?
It can take hours for an insurance often based in another continent to assess the case since unfamiliarity with the local environment and medical facilities makes it difficult to take quick decisions. By the time the overseas insurance company eventually contact AMREF flying doctors, patient's conditions may have deteriorated or it may be too late to reach him before nightfall conversely it is likely that a traveller registered with AMREF flying doctors will already be under the care of professionals.
a medical insurance is strongly recommended to travel to Tanzania to the point that some facilities do not accept uninsured guests. If you do not have your own private insurance we can insure you with BUPA

The cost of the insurance depends on a certain number of factors and can be calculated only once the itinerary has been defined and personal information on travellers received.