Rift Safari
Travelling along the Valley: Tanzania southern parks safaris itineraries, Selous and Ruaha


Selous, boat safari

Water is the element that distinguishes Selous from all other parks in Tanzania delivering gentleness and fluidity to a primordial environment. The reserve can offer the very best river motorboat safaris of east Africa and boasts a very strong tradition of walking safaris.

An incredible topographical variety characterizes instead Ruaha. The park extends from the bed of the Great Rift Valley up to the western plateau and can be considered the point of transition between South and East Africa wildlife, habitats and climate therefore gathering in itself the characteristics of both.

Given the large distances and insecurity on some stretches of mountain roads these parks are mainly visited flying from one to another in contrast with the northern ones where traditional overland safari still hold very well thanks to short distances linking together all parks. However if you think you can cope with its hardness we are able to propose you some interesting and more adventurous options starting from 10 days 4x4 safari onwards.

While a careful planning of areas to be visited allows to create different itineraries in the northern parks equally valid 12 on 12 months, the southern parks - and particularly Ruaha - are able to deliver the very best of themselves at dry season, from July to October, when the concentration of wildlife along the remaining permanent water sources reaches its peak. The following months are quantitatively less interesting but coincide with the time of mammals new births and the arrival of eurasian migratory birds. The landscape is green and hung with flowers. The visitors number is very low which in itself might as well be an incentive.