Rift Safari travelling along the Rift Valley


Our website tries to be as exhaustive as possible so that you may understand how to best plan your trip to Tanzania according to the period in which you will be visiting the country.

In geography we talk about mammals migrations, weather, temperatures for each park of Tanzania; we talk about winds, marine migrations and beaches for the island of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.

In facilities you can find a selection of properties, from budget to high-end, we work with predominantly.

In safari north, safari south, safari west you can find a selection of itineraries that while not covering the infinite possible solutions can help to orient yourself on possible routes month by month and costing. Those itineraries are nevertheless the result of years of experience on the field and of derived competence.

You can contact us at any time however a generic request to quote "a safari" does not help us to understand what suit you best. It is essential that you provide us with some guidelines to work on:

1. Travelling time

2. no. of nights

3. no. of adults

4. no. of children [specify children age and in case of more than a family the composition of each one, for instance:
family 1: 2 adults + 1 child 10 yrs; family 2: 2 adults + 1 child 15 yrs ... some properties can grant a discount up to 21 years of age]

5. Kind of facilities desired [small or large / tented camps / masonry structures]

6. facilities servicing level [budget; mid-specification; upper-mid specification; high-end; very high-end]

7. your budget exclusive of international flights being careful to specify whether it is dollars or euros [it helps us to send to send you targeted proposals and, should your budget be insufficient, to advise on possible alternatives by reducing the number of nights or opting for less expensive facilities.]

8. safari starting date

9. arrival airport and return airport

10. scheduled arrival time and scheduled departure time of your return flight

11. air company

12. peculiar interests and requests: as much information you will provide about your expectations the easier it will be for us to send you the right proposal. Tell us about yourself, what you like and what you dislike, for instance let us know if you like walking or trekking, if you are just interested on wildlife or if the tribal aspect is fascinating you, tell us about experiences of your previous travels that you would like to repeat or you would not like to, if you are afraid of flying on small tourism aircraft, if you are fond of a particular sport [e.g. diving, fishing] ...

13. if you wish to extend your safari to the beach take care to inform us about the no. of nights you wish to add, what kind of locations you are looking for [a remote beach, a busy beach with other facilities nearby, a not really remote neither very touristic beach, let us know if you would like to visit the islands capital towns ...

You can send your request to: info@riftsafari.com

Alternatively a first telephone contact would be very helpful to highlight the most relevant aspect of your trip.
Telephone: +255 (0) 77 3237268
Skype: rift.safari.tanzania