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Rift Safari™ is the trading identity of Rift Enterprises LTD
e-mail: info@riftsafari.com
Telephone: +255 (0) 77 3237268
Skype: rift.safari.tanzania

Tour Operator license class A: T.A.L. no. 00010330
Member of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators [T.A.T.O.]

Tanzania is a country with a very high bio-diversity and a travel in its territory will remain memorable if planned with competence. There are different ways to perform a safari, we operate in the following way:

Animals follow ancestral migratory pattern not taking it into account when planning a safari can be fatal for the success of the trip. Our itineraries are planned month by month taking into consideration, both in the choice of facilities and of the route, the peculiar wildlife situation of each park at that specific time of the year. That is the reason why in certain months we do not normally visit certain parks while in Serengeti explored areas change according to the season.

With our help you can create your customized trip. We are based in Arusha, Tanzania, and we can provide you with first-hand information about all parks and conservation areas, facilities, distances, road conditions, travel times. You should be aware that tailor-made safaris request to book with a good time-margin ahead. You should consider at least 4 to 5 month for shoulder season and 8 to 10 months for itineraries in high season [July, August, September October, mid of December up to beginning of March are high season in Tanzania].

Experience has taught us that interests and needs in safari can vary a lot from person to person; since you will travel with your private guide and you will not share your vehicle with other groups or people you can entirely dictate the pace of your day. How long to stand in front of a scene, how long to capture the best picture of an animal or a bird, it all depends on you. You are absolutely free to decide to leave at dawn or have a leisure breakfast at the lodge or camp, to return to the lodge for lunch or to spend the entire day out in the bush having a picnic. That could not be possible without a private car where you are required to adhere to a rigid itinerary and fixed timetables. UNLIMITED MILEAGE AND FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT:
There are no limits to the number of kilometers per each day of safari and we do not have rigid daily scheme. Guides can, in discussion with clients, decide to visit a specific area even if not planned in their itinerary should he deem interesting to do that. When we plan an itinerary we consider that you need to explore the most remote areas of a park since animals are disturbed by vehicles and game driving along the main dirt road cannot equal sightings that occurs in the innermost areas.

The direct contact with the traveller allows us to establish a relationship with a corresponding first-hand, unmediated, flow of information which let us understand your real needs and let you inform us on all issues and interests related to your trip
Direct booking involves an economic benefit as well, which shouldn't be overlooked: travel agencies obviously need to mark up on prices, by booking directly with us you will get a better service at the same price or an equal service at a cheaper price.

We are based in Tanzania [Arusha] and have a correspondent in Zanzibar. We are able to closely monitor every segment of your trip. We can be found 24hrs a day for emergencies. If you do not have your own medical insurance we can provide it.
Experienced and reliable driver-guides with years of experience on field will accompany you throughout your trip.
All vehicles are radio-equipped.CREDIBILITY:
We are members of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators and are legally licensed to carry Tour Operator operations. The satisfaction of our travelers is a sine qua non condition and we are not willing to compromise if that means to bottom down the quality of services. We struggle to provide a constant quality of service over time.

Since we are specialist on tailor-made safaris and work on flexible dates we cannot hold rooms for each facility on every date. When sending a quotation we check availability but services will be booked provisionally only once the travel has been defined and your confirmation received. Booking phases can be summed up as follows:

Step 1: after a first contact and after having learnt about your need and requests we are sending you one [or more] travel options.

Step 2: one of the option match your interest and is accepted or we continue to work together until we have the desired trip.

Step 3: we receive your travel confirmation and we block provisionally all services involved.

Step 4: once all services are on hold we send you the travel contract.

Should a service be no longer available we will not automatically change it with another one instead we will come up with some alternatives [which have also been provisionally booked] and we will request your reconfirmation. The travel contract will be sent to you afterwards.

International flights: are not part of our core business and we prefer when travellers take direct care of them considering fares instability and the multitude of combinations which request rapid decisions by the traveller. However we do not advise to purchase the ticket before we managed to get all your ground services on hold. This will allow us to work properly according to your requests and itinerary without having to opt for forced solutions.
Should we be requested to, we are able to book international flights with Qatar, Turkish and Ethiopian Airlines. In such an eventuality, once the itinerary has been defined, we proceed to simultaneously book provisionally both international flights and ground services.

Domestic flights: we deem that the best thing is to leave to us the organization of these flights. Should you wish to purchase them directly we recommend that you do so only after the safari itinerary has been defined in detail taking into good account the time needed to reach the airport.